May 21, 2013

Exploring in Palmer Park

Recently we headed out for an afternoon of exploration at Palmer Park.  This park is great for families as it offers a wonderful forested experience in the metro area.  As you drive in the main entrance you pass a few holes of the L.E. Kaufman Golf Course, and enter the lush forest of the park.  There are a number of great trails for walking, running, or cross-country skiing.  But one of our favorite areas is the boardwalk along Buck Creek.  The board walk stretches the entire length of the park and connects to the Buck Creek Nature Preserve and Lemery Park. 

Ready to walk along the creek

Looking at sticks in the water

We always get a kick out these concrete structures in the woods which always bring up some sort of LOST reference since they resemble the 'hatch'.  I'm always thinking don't go down there and don't push any buttons.

The Palmer Park Hatch

The kids love running along the paths and boardwalks.

Always something to explore in this great park!

August 18, 2012

Benthem Four Summer Favorites

This summer we've been able to travel, take in some sights, and relax.  Here are the Benthem Four Summer 2012 Favorites in no particular order.

Ludington State Park

Our favorite Michigan State Park for family fun, relaxation and camping goes to non other than Ludington State Park.  Ludington State Park is ideal for families who love to hike, explore, play, and be surrounded by picture perfect views.  The Benthem Four have been camping and enjoying this park even when we were only the Benthem Two.  Some of our favorite park features include the tent only campsites with it's peace and quiet, but really for the excellent proximity to the playground.

August 9, 2012

Summer Dreaming

Summer has been wonderful for our family.  Not only do we have a change of pace from our normal work schedule and have more time to spend together, the relaxed lifestyle of summer allows us to escape into free spirit mode.  Like many families we make long summer lists of task to accomplish.  Work on one or two of those tasks and add the remaining tasks to next year's summer list.  We've been able to soak up the sun either at many of our neighboring beaches, campgrounds, or local parks.

Relaxing on one of Michigan's Awesome Beaches